Thankful, By Chris Whitford (New York, NY)

My heart swells with gratitude to God for Redeemer. Who am I and what is my family that we should be so privileged to sit under the life-giving message of the gospel each week for twenty-five years? That God would entrust to me instruction each week, each day, in countless ways reminding me “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” begs the question: for what purpose, Lord?

At various times throughout these twenty-five years that purpose has meant many different things which can be seen from the outside: leading community groups, planting a new church, praying on prayer teams, starting a new HFNY ministry, performing with a Redeemer dance troupe, growing the moms’ groups, marrying and raising three children.

God’s call has also compelled many and perhaps much more important inner and hidden purposes: suffering well, forgiving, repenting, casting on Him anxieties, trusting, persevering, hoping, believing His Word to be true when all visible evidence of His goodness and power fades, and most importantly, learning to love well with knowledge and depth of insight.

None of this could be possible apart from sharing life with God's people who love Christ's gospel…

None of this could be possible apart from sharing life with God’s people who love Christ’s gospel, who speak His Word in season and out of season.

In this celebration, I offer Jesus a sacrifice of praise and thanks for creating and sustaining Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

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