I visited Redeemer Presbyterian Church one time when I was in NYC for the weekend. While I was there, there was an announcement for a new series called “Questioning Christianity.” I grew up in a Christian home but succumbed to doubts and turned away from the faith several years prior. The series piqued my interest, and I began to watch it online.

I realized that the Bible is full of truth and that the resurrection is not a made-up story…

Previously, I had talked to multiple people about my doubts, and no one was able to answer in a way that made sense to me. When Dr. Keller addressed the emotional, cultural, and intellectual reasons behind Christianity, I began to see clearly again. I realized that the Bible is full of truth and that the resurrection is not a made-up story, but that there is legitimate evidence behind it.

After listening to Dr. Keller’s arguments and reading the New Testament for myself, my heart slowly softened and I opened my mind to new possibilities. It was the first time in years that the principles of Christianity were actually making sense. One day as I was sitting in church in my hometown, I finally acknowledged that I believed in the gospel and that the only thing left to do was give up (the illusion of) control of my life to God. In July 2015, I surrendered my life to Christ, and I was baptized shortly thereafter.

Questioning Christianity” is a big part of my testimony, and I cannot thank Dr. Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church enough for finally giving me clear and succinct answers to questions that plagued me for years! With my new-found faith, I aim to show love to the “outcasts” and befriend the lonely and oppressed in the field of social work, looking to Jesus’s ministry as my Ultimate example!

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