From the East to the West, By Eva (New York, NY)

It started with an mp3.

I was a fresh-faced young transplant in East Asia, on a great adventure and more excited than anxious about secretly clustering in a living room with other Christians to worship in our “family church.” That particular Sunday, Tim Keller delivered the sermon piping from the computer speakers. I remember thinking afterwards, “Hey, he’s pretty good.”

A few years later, I found myself managing an art gallery in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. We welcomed artists and musicians from around the globe, including visitors from Redeemer who came, year after year, to share their craft, their friendship and their faith with the locals we knew and served.  We put on jam-packed concerts, collaborated with local artists, and laughed and prayed over so many good meals. Thanks to this partnership, I found myself stepping into a ready-made community when I moved to NYC three years ago, making the move to this daunting city a lot less scary. These were true friends with whom I had grown close through the years, and who also empathized with the joys and trials of the world I had just left. This community was a major deciding factor when I landed on Redeemer as my home church in NYC.

From mp3 sermons to employment, and from faith to friendships to a sense of purpose…

A few months ago, when I was considering a job change, friends encouraged me to apply for a position at Redeemer managing events and programming at its building on the Upper West Side. A few weeks later, I found myself with the job offer, which I accepted. Now I also work at Redeemer, helping to promote W83 to our NYC neighbors, serving not just as a physical space but as a place where community from all walks of life can intersect, celebrate and converse.

From mp3 sermons to employment, and from faith to friendships to a sense of purpose, God continues to use Redeemer to shape and sharpen me. For all this and more, I am ever grateful.

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